Efficient Commercial Carpentry

We aim to be the first point of contact for any major commercial carpentry project in Perth. We can help you with any of the following,

  • Joinery
  • Site setup
  • Finishing carpentry
  • Timber Framing
  • Hoarding

In-house services, meaning no fuss, no hassle.

How our services can benefit you?
We guarantee that the job will be done on time without any hassles. Why is this a guarantee? We manufacture a lot of our own materials, making it easier to supply anything we need on site.

Our employees are highly experienced, hardworking tradesman; they will liaise with you to make sure that you are satisfied with the work being carried out.

Our process

  1. Our work starts from receiving an invitation to tender. Once received, we will determine a quote and forward this on to you.
  2. If both parties agree on the terms and quote, a contract will be signed determining the nature and scope of the project, and work will start.
  3. We will then source and/or manufacture the materials, and source an appropriate amount of labour.

Once the project has been completed Danica will make sure there aren’t any variations if so we will fix these issues until you are happy with the end product.


Danica have the facilities to manufacture and store bulk material. We can manufacture items in specialty sizes and materials.

Some of the joinery items we manufacture are:

  • Timber Doors  – Plywood/MDF & Timber Veneer
  • Timber Stair Cases & Balustrade
  • Timber Door & Window Frames

Site Setup

  • Timber roof framing and decking
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Site Office Set Up-  Partitions/ Desks

Finishing Carpentry

  • Installation of Timber Door
  • Supply and Installation of Skirting
  • Supply and Installation of Timber Window Sills
  • Installation of Hardware


  • Timber Roof Framing / Trusses
  • Timber Wall Framing
  • Timber Floor Framing


Refurbishment of Heritage Joinery Item.

Specialty Items


  • Acoustic Walls
  • Absorber Panels
  • Fabric and Timber Acoustic Panelling
  • Acoustic Doors

Wall Panelling

  • Feature Wall Cladding, Internal and External

Ceiling Panelling

  • Feature Ceiling Panelling